Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008: Closing Ceremony

As usual..superb coordination...the closing was another great show put up by the host country, China. Though it was short..only lasting 2hours, it was quite good but not as great as the opening. The best part of the show was the memory tower part. One word to describe that part...AWESOME.

However..the songs featured sounds quite weird to me..Most of the Chinese stars like Wang Lee Hom, Kelly, Jackie Chan? o.O etc, made an is quite obvious that ALL of them are lip-syncing..I guess it cant be helped?..

When the athletes came like kids..haha..All of them just cant resist the camera..

A short performance by performance from Britain was kinda strange..even the song sang by Leona Lewis was strange..Wats with all the weird/strange songs in the closing??!

Pics...grabbed from the official website..cant find the pic of the tower with the flower..

Double decker bus from London?

The Mayor of London waving the Olympic flag as the president of IOC and Mayor of Beijing looks on..

The memory tower

Im not sure what message does this tells but great picture if viewed from the top of the stadium

Finishing off with fireworks display

Well..i guess it is goodbye Beijing and hello London in 2012..

No doubt this is the best Olympics ever!..

Friday, August 22, 2008


Went and watch Wall-E today with a bunch of friends at Pavilion KL. Luckily, the only girl in this group suggested and wanted to watch it if not...duno when only I can watch it..takes a few months before DVD quality comes out, oook....

We started from uni deciding what kind of transportation to take to Pavilion. At first we decided to take the LRT/Monorail but then it was still early since we are watching the 3.20pm show so we suggested the 'very efficient' bus. After a bit of debate it was about 1 sumting hitchhiked the course rep's car to the LRT station with taking the bus in mind. However, the decision changed the last minute back to the original LRT/monorail plan because who knows how long will it take to reach Pavillion.

Wall-E(the main character obviously) stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth Class. In my opinion, it really is quite a cute robot especially those eyes...It is the only one left on earth...all other Wall-Es are not functioning anymore. He/It has a pet cockroach which can withstand quite a beating(still not dead even though being squished by Wall-E). Wall-E's gf...EVE(Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) was sent to earth to search for plants.Well, she/it wasnt Wall-E's gf until later la...haha..It seems that the design of EVE is inspired by Apple products..well er..seems quite like it though..

Here are some screenshots of the movie..not captured by me but obtained from the official site..

Wall-E and his pet

Awww....look at those eyes....

Wall-E and Mop..cute robot obsessed with cleanliness

Wall-E and his Rubik's cube..Eve solved in matter of seconds...

Eve probably has electrical current running outside her body? o.O

Charging his batteries

The 'dance' in outer space

Wall-E at his home

The people who created this movie really did a good job. The human character/attitude portrayed by the characters closely match real human's attitude. There is one part where Wall-E wakes up from his slumber..his attitude is exactly like humans..haha..

I think there is a hidden message in this movie...that is..the rubbish lor..

Sooo..after the was raining slightly..umbrellas up! and we made our way to the monorail station. When the monorail arrived we thought it was packed..but when we took the LRT..the LRT carriages was packed like sardines in a can!! Cant do anything about it so we boarded it anyway..and the really heavy rain came. We got of at respective stations..and it was still really raining cats and dogs..and I have to walk back from the station. No choice lor...reached home with shoes that were quite was a great movie and I think everyone had a great time

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Exhibition On Diseases

This exhibition was held today at UTAR organized by the whole Biomedical Science course(Y1 - Y3?). Although I wasnt involved in it, I would say that it was quite a success. Quite a number of people turned up for it. Surprisingly, even some lecturers or staff of the faculty came.

The diseases highlighted were genetic disease, heart disease, cancer and skin disease(?). One part of the exhibition promoted organic foods. Somehow it was the most popular among the students probably coz of the lucky draw.

Here are some pics. They are not that clear coz i dont have a proper camera phone is old phone mar..want clearer pics sponsor me a digital camera lor...heheh..

Some guy checking out the genetic disease part..

One of UTAR's counsellors checking out the genetic disease board..

er...very blur..those in green probably did the cancer part..

Free health screen?..not sure..but blood pressure is being taken

Some guy getting facial treatment.. o.O

This is the organic foods part...Look at the amount of people!! o.O
She seems kinda happy..and looks like somebody i know.. o.O

Organic foods team and their lecturer..

The team of 'specialist' on genetic diseases...

This is what I got..3 OLD issues of Galaxie magazine and a cookbook??

Saturday, August 02, 2008

PC Fair 2008

I went to PC Fair by Pikom at KLCC today with a bunch of friends. I was packed with people. REALLY packed!! Crowd control was bad. Plenty of ways in but so little exits.
Initially we were suppose to go in a group but eventually some of them turned up late so we split into two groups. I was in the group the went to KLCC first.

The LRT was like a can of sardines. At every station/stop, no one was getting down. When we reached we made our way to the exhibition area. Frankly, the exhibition that I've been in Ipoh is nothing compared what is available here.

The first booth I visited was the P1 booth. P1 is the first company to offer WiMax. WiMax is something like wireless broadband. There were so many people there so my group left the booth(or rather I left the booth) and head to the next exhibition area.

The next area is specially dedicated for sound systems. The whole hall was fill with all sorts of sound systems with heavy bass music playing at every booth. Sound systems are really not my thing and I think it is not that important part of upgrading my PC. So, after one of my buddy bought a headset we left the area.

The next area was all about computers (laptops and desktops systems). I find the most interesting part of this area was the Intel booth. They were promoting their new breed of 45nm processor. I got a free gift from the booth just by participating in the 'activity'. Collecting stamps(chop) after listening what they want to promote at each station. The free gift was...a microSD card reader...with no card... =.=||

An awesome machine at the Intel booth

So we moved on and met up with the other group. Not long after that my group left me with the other group.. =.=|| and we are splitted into two groups again...So we continue to the huge exhibition halls at the ground floor.

Lots of people leh....

We practically spent most of our time here and it is the most packed area. Plenty of booths and one strange thing is there are multiple booth of the same company/brand(duno why leh...).

There is this narrow passage named Hall 3. This is where a lot of people got stuck. See the pic. We got stuck here as well as the we can only exit from Halls 4 & 5.
Jam packed!!

Just to get the LRT ticket home takes a long time. The place is packed. Luckily got back to my condo before it became dark.

It was really nice but it really needs better crowd control. Everyone is packed like sardines at Hall 3. My legs are quite sore now because hardly got to sit. Literally walked the whole day. The pics are not that clear coz I dont have a proper camera and the phone camera is really bad.. =(