Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival 2008

To anyone(friends, family, etc) who reads my blog..

May you,
find the lantern that will illuminate your life.
May you,
find the lantern that will light up the path infront of you.
May you,
find the lantern that will stay alight no matter the condition.

If you have found it don't let it go even if it goes out,
you should bring it back to light the way it brought light to your life.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival.

May you always be well and happy.

Don't ask me how I wrote or came up with it because I just felt like writing it after reading an SMS.

To the person that I replied to,
this could be slightly different from the one you received..just a little edit..hehe.

It is a truly sincere message from my heart.

Looking back at it..I am wondering myself how did I came up with it.

Feel free to leave a comment in the comments part or the chat box..hehe

Sunday, September 07, 2008


No I do NOT like them..but they seem to "LIKE" idea why...they have a grudge on me?? or my blood is delicious perhaps?? o.O||

I duno how many of these tiny lives have I taken...I just took another when writing this post..

I'm staying on the 3rd floor of this condo thinking that there wont be a lot of mosquitoes...but I was least one will enter my room EVERYDAY...even the bathroom has mosquitoes...gosh...they/it must come when I'm studying or playing games or reading online..

The mosquito repellent that I brought is basically attracts them instead of keeping them away...are all repellents like that??...and where do they normally attack?? LEGS!!...

The mosquito/insect "repellent"

How do I get rid of them?? using the most traditional HANDs...might hurt a little if I miss the fact..I find them to be quite "intelligent"..they seem to know when I'm going to attack them and dodges my clap!!...I can only get rid of them but not keep them away...sigh..

I guess that's all for now...need to continue studying...hopefully they or another of them doesnt come to feed on me....