Monday, November 23, 2009

ISPCA Food Fair 2009

Held on 22nd November 2009 at Yuk Choy Primary School.

The night before it was raining till the morning and it was still drizzling throughout the day.

The food fair was held together with a dog show. Strangely enough, there were only dogs present. No cats, no birds etc.

The event started with a walk around the field by the dogs together with their owners followed by a line-up in the field.
Yes, it was still drizzling at that time...

After the line-up, another walk around the field. This time on the tar road around the field.

The walk ended at a sheltered court where cheerleaders from AMC(Ave Maria Convent) - "Titans" prepared for a performance.

Followed by the introduction of the type of dog breeds present such as;



Golder retriever


German shepherd

Not sure what breed but it came from Australia

There are still other breeds present. The show ends with some obedience display and an obstacle course.

The food stalls sold foods prepared and sponsored by ISPCA members such as vegetarian food, fruits, pearl tea, fried chicken, fries etc. The food sales was assisted by the girl guides.

I left at about 1130am with some buns, guavas and kaya puffs.

You can always support ISPCA by donation, volunteering for their events and adopting the animals. If you are not able to care for the pet after adopting it, sponsor it instead. Lastly, if you are a pet owner, be a responsible one.

More pictures here

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Would you like a dimpled car?

I was watching the latest episode of Mythbusters with a myth that "A dirty car is much more fuel efficient than a clean car". The theory behind the myth was that a dirty car will have a golf ball like effect (i.e. dimpled golf balls will travel further than smooth ones).

Why do dimpled golf balls travel further?
They travel further because there is less drag to overcome due to a turbulent boundary layer caused by the dimples. (Refer pic below)

Larger drag is experienced by the smooth ball because of a larger wake produced behind it.

Small scale test of the car in the water tunnel using fluorescent dye

Their dimpled car using clay

Take note that it does not take the overall efficiency during the dimpled car test. (i.e. the extra weight does not effect the efficiency)

They did a control test for the undimpled car before dimpling and testing the dimpled one.

The verdict?
Clean car (no clay) = about 26 miles per gallon (mpg)
Dirty car (no clay) = about 24 mpg
Clay + undimpled = about 26 mpg
Clay + dimples = about 29 mpg

So a clean car is definitely better than a dirty car. However, a dimpled car is even better!

Maybe we will see more dimpled transportation or even buildings in the future.

So, would you like one or design one now?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Defrost!! 2

Just defrosted the fridge at the condo again. As usual, extra thick layers of ice in the freezer.

Before going out for dinner

After coming back from dinner

I dont remember what time I pushed the defrost button but i removed some chunks at about 7pm before going for dinner. Other chunks are still stuck. After dinner, every bit of ice was removed.

In the first picture, ice from the ice maker (or whatever you call that) comes out with the least of effort.

In the process of removing the ice I even got injured a little. Ice from the freezer can be that nasty huh!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Men's Brains vs Women's Brain

Someone posted a link to a video on Facebook regarding the topic. Here is the video just in case you guys missed my post on Facebook.

Another similar one by another comedian

Funny and true at the same time. Enjoy =)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Diaper Change

Imagine that you have a baby and you are at McDonald's having lunch. After eating your baby needs a diaper change what do you do?

A) Change it in the toilet or room provided
B) Change it on McD table in public

I'm sure that most of you will pick A but today I saw someone did B.

I really couldn't believe that someone would actually use the McD table to change the diapers in public! The McD staff better wash the table before allowing other customers to use it for their meal!

I dont know whether the family came from an ulu place or their mentality is just like that. I'm not going the state the race. Geez..

Sunday, April 12, 2009


The fridge in the rented condo apparently is an old model which does not have the frost-free feature so defrosting regularly is a must. However, those 'clever' or careless housemates of mine likes to open the fridge and not close it properly allowing room air to enter the fridge.

The fridge is also some how weird. The opening for the melted ice, water, is somehow blocked for whatever reasons I have no idea. So, if the defrost button is pushed and the defrosting process is allowed to take place, water will leak out of the fridge. This happened quite a few times.

Just today, I defrosted the fridge as the ice in the freezer is so thanks to their carelessness. This is how much ice is removed manually by hand:

Although it cant be seen, there are chunks that are about 1 inch thick.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fluid Mechanics Presentation

Today was presentation for the Fluid Mechanics assignment. We were suppose to find the most suitable shape for a reservoir with an inclined wall.

My team was suppose to submit a report and do a presentation to the whole class. The whole class consists of 100++ students and we need to stand in front of the lecture hall to present.

That wasn't really a problem but the irony was that when we handed up our report, the lecturer stacked all the reports up and splitted them in the middle and somehow ours ended up being on the top of one of the stacks and got called to present 1st. We were hoping to not be the 1st group to present.

Everyone was very nervous as we had to present to the whole class of 100++ students but luckily everything went quite smoothly.


Monday, February 09, 2009

CNY 2009

Ok...I know...Why so long only ONE update? Busy and lazy at the same time to blog..Muahahaha!!
Today is the last day of Chinese New Year or Chap Goh Meh(means 15th night in Hokkien) or Chinese Valentine's Day. Since it is the last day, you shall have a peek of what I had for dinner on the first few days of CNY including the reunion dinner.

Reunion Dinner
(From closest to you): Steamed fish, fried prawns, stir fried turnip & carrot mix, taufu, chap choy, black mushrooms & brocolli, chicken

1st Day of CNY
(From nearest to you): Vegetarian "gu lou yuk", chap choy, chicken, steamed prawn, (another bowl of) chap choy, stir fried cauliflower

2nd Day of CNY

(From top left): Fried "elephant ear" mushroom, vege(not sure what it is called), roasted cashew nuts, fried kailan & brocolli?(prototype dish), taufu fa and mixed vege

Vegetarian Yee Sang that my mum made

4th Day of CNY

If you want something that swims they have it o.O

Steam peanuts and some other nuts while waiting for food

Cold dish

The big piece of thing is abalone mushroom

Fish and fried prawns

Seems like there is no 3rd day. Just a simple dinner minus the relatives if I remember correctl

Not every dish was photographed those on the 4th day. It is at a restaurant in Kajang. Other dishes that was not photographed are shark fin soup, fried chicken, vegetarian dish, the restaurant's yee sang and dessert(cold longan and the biscuit).

I guess thats all for now.