Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Da Vinci: The Genius - Exhibition at Kuala Lumpur

This exhibition is on the works of one of the most famous man from the Renaissance period, Leonardo Da Vinci. Held in 4 locations around the world and I think it is fortunate the they chose to hold one in the National Science Centre in Kuala Lumpur. This exhibition started on 1st October and will end on 17th January.

The exhibition was divided into a few sections.
1st section: A general introduction and some history about his life
2nd section: Flying machines
3rd section: Mechanical devices
4th section: Civil machines
5th section: Anatomy
6th section: Mona Lisa
7th section: War machines
8th section: Musical instruments

I only got some pictures for the 1st section because when I tried to take some pictures for the 2nd section, the people in-charge said I could not take pictures (what the heck!). I didnt want to get into trouble so no pictures for other sections.

1st Section

A portrait of Leonardo

The two of the many codices of Leonardo on display

Historical timeline

All of his works stored as codices in possession of which party. It was quite big so I doubt the names can be seen in the photograph but the last name on the bottom-right is Bill Gates!

A painting of the city Florence

2nd Section:
A parachute that looks like a tent pyramid, the famous spiral flying machine, a double blade machine that resembles modern helicopter, wings and much more I couldn't remember. The sign states that the spiral machine is the inspiration for the modern helicopter but the other looks more like a modern helicopter to me. ALL of the flying apparatus/machine are made of only wood and canvas.

3rd Section:
Mechanical devices such as the ball bearing, pulley system, gear systems, spring and many more. All made of wood except the spring.

4th section:

Quick to build bridges, piling mechanism, bicycle and many more.

5th section:
One of the best parts of the exhibition. Many large size actual pages of his works. Detailed drawings and his mirrored handwriting.

6th section:
Yes, 1 whole section just on the famous portrait, The Mona Lisa. Results of the research done by Pascal Cotte on the drawing using various photographic techniques. He even used a 240,000,000 pixel (240 Megapixels) camera just to photograph the face!

7th section:
The items that I clearly remember is the UFO-like tank, cannons, a miniature submarine that looked like two halves of a boat put together and carriages that have blades on the wheels.

8th section:
A portable piano, a drum that plays when you push it.

One more unique item was a strange looking clock.

Overall the exhibition was quite worth it. It was really amazing how could one person come up with so many things. RM25 for a ticket but if you are a Telekom Malaysia subscriber or Astro subscriber, you are entitled a free ticket for every transaction.

Well, if more details was added it will spoil the fun right! So go and experience it yourself before it ends.

*Sorry for the wall of text. I didn't want to get into trouble by taking more pictures.

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