Monday, February 09, 2009

CNY 2009

Ok...I know...Why so long only ONE update? Busy and lazy at the same time to blog..Muahahaha!!
Today is the last day of Chinese New Year or Chap Goh Meh(means 15th night in Hokkien) or Chinese Valentine's Day. Since it is the last day, you shall have a peek of what I had for dinner on the first few days of CNY including the reunion dinner.

Reunion Dinner
(From closest to you): Steamed fish, fried prawns, stir fried turnip & carrot mix, taufu, chap choy, black mushrooms & brocolli, chicken

1st Day of CNY
(From nearest to you): Vegetarian "gu lou yuk", chap choy, chicken, steamed prawn, (another bowl of) chap choy, stir fried cauliflower

2nd Day of CNY

(From top left): Fried "elephant ear" mushroom, vege(not sure what it is called), roasted cashew nuts, fried kailan & brocolli?(prototype dish), taufu fa and mixed vege

Vegetarian Yee Sang that my mum made

4th Day of CNY

If you want something that swims they have it o.O

Steam peanuts and some other nuts while waiting for food

Cold dish

The big piece of thing is abalone mushroom

Fish and fried prawns

Seems like there is no 3rd day. Just a simple dinner minus the relatives if I remember correctl

Not every dish was photographed those on the 4th day. It is at a restaurant in Kajang. Other dishes that was not photographed are shark fin soup, fried chicken, vegetarian dish, the restaurant's yee sang and dessert(cold longan and the biscuit).

I guess thats all for now.