Thursday, August 21, 2014

3rd Singapore Harajuku Fashion Walk

Harajuku fashion is Japanese street fashion, a fashion style in which the wearer customizes outfits by adopting a mixture of current and traditional trends (Wikipedia). People (aka general public) usually confuse it with cosplay but it is not.
Group photo at the National museum of Singapore
As the title of the post suggest, this is the third walk that has been organized by Tsuchiya-san. The walk starts from Merlion park to the National Museum of Singapore and ends at ION Orchard. I did not follow the walk through the end because I had to attend Animenz Live. Will probably stick to the end for the next walk which will be on October (I think).

In my opinion, Harajuku fashion is interesting and unique. They can be separated into various types/styles such as Lolita, Visual Kei, etc., which can be read from Wikipedia. It can be colourful or just black and white depending on the preference of the person.

Of course, with photographers following them around there is bound to be a stop over for photoshoots. One of the locations was near Armenian street where there are colourful wall art.

Some other shots:

A short video clip of the walk.

More photos: Facebook | Flickr
Harajuku Fashion Walk Facebook Page

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