Wednesday, August 13, 2014

ComiFest 2014 (Singapore)

ComiFest is another annual event which focuses on animation, comics and games (ACG). This is a small event which coincided with the the 49th national day of Singapore.
This event was really small. There were only about 10 exhibitors/booths. The stage events were vaguely interesting or entertaining. Even the performers got bored during the breaks that they just danced/sang to the music that was played. The setup of the sound system was terrible. The turnout was probably acceptable given its size. Went there just to photograph the cosplays.
Performers performing during the break
The crowd

I thought the movie screening was free but turns out that a ticket was required. Movies that were screened:
  • Detective Conan - Dimensional Sniper
  • Detective Conan - Quarter of Silence
  • Detective Conan - Lupin vs Conan
  • K: Missing Kings
  • Fairy Tail: Priestess of the Phoenix
  • Hunter X Hunter: The Last Mission
  • Kara no Kyokai
  • Magical Sister Yoyo and Nene
Guest cosplayers were Clive (Singapore) and Onnies (Thailand).
Well, enough of the boring stuff lets look at some photos..
Snake and ladders...sort of
The event is incomplete without performances by the meidos

Perhaps the most messiest group shots I've ever taken..

There was a booth displaying drawing tablets and tablet monitors, so various visitors showed off some of their amazing drawing skills.

Guest Cosplayers

The various expressions of Onnies
Is no amused...
She won the game!

Strangely I did not catch him on the first day..

Valerie from APC makes an appearance!

Some highlights of other cosplays

Other common things during these kinds of events...

More photos: Facebook | Flickr
ComiFest: Website | Facebook

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