Monday, November 03, 2014

Singapore Cosplay Club Show 2014

Held over three days from the 12th to 14th of September at Marina Square, this event was organized by the Singapore Cosplay Club. The theme for it was based on the anime/manga/game "JoJo's Bizarre Adventures"
Ora! Ora! ORA! ORA!
Guest cosplayers were Neneko from Taiwan, Sara TousaBao from Singapore and I-Ching Logan. Though it was more focused on Neneko and Sara TousaBao. I-Ching Logan creates/makes her outfits using latex and were on display.
Sara TousaBao
I-Ching Logan
Although it was a small event held over three days, the turnout was quite good. The stage was sort of like a fashion runway where they displayed their cosplays like they do in fashion shows.

Some other cosplays by the other visitors:

A short video clip summarizing the event:

Group photo!

More pictures:
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Singapore Cosplay Club | Neneko | Sara TousaBao

p/s: Just clearing a huge backlog due to so many events.. >.<; Thousand apologies

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