Friday, December 12, 2014

Culture Japan Night 2014 Singapore

The annual meet-up with Culture Japan's CEO, Danny Choo, is back!. Usually held the day after the large annual event Anime Festival Asia (AFA). If you do not know who he is or what is Culture Japan, please visit his website.
Danny Choo
In short, he is the creator of Mirai Suenaga and also currently producing "Smart dolls". The purpose of the meet-up is to meet new people, to update and interact with his supporters/fans as he is mostly occupied during AFA.

To me, it is always very inspiring listening to his stories in starting his company. He is not your typical entrepreneur where they create something which is eventually sold off or start an IPO etc. He plans to not do so and wants to take over the world with Mirai! (haha)
Wants to take over the world with Mirai-chan!

Do expect more products coming from him as his company slowly expands into other lines such as apparel for dolls and people. Most importantly from this gathering is the advice from him such as not to worry too much, failure is part of the learning process etc. (Check his posts on his site >_<;)

Mirai-Kizuna family?

A short video montage:

Finally, a big thanks to Danny for organizing Culture Japan Night every year. Also thanks to those that brought their dolls and nendoroids.

Danny's website:
More photos: Facebook | Flickr

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